21 11 / 2011

Caltech Fall 2011: THE MOVIE feat. The Avengers (by FirefoxFreeze)

Hello everyone! Nova here!

Thanks to the Avengers for letting me join the Team! An honor.

So at Caltech Fall 2011, I recorded a movie there with all of my solves and vlog there, featuring the Team. It was great hanging out with the Avengers while being one too! The Team is amazing, and I’ve made many of my best friends with them. 

The movie includes a Scene Selection, so you won’t have to watch thru the entire darn thing. 

So thanks for watching, and enjoy!

(I will be submitting this to Hollywood to be put in theaters.)


15 5 / 2011

Avengers Sweep Main Events @ Caltech Spring 2011

The Avengers showed that they weren’t pushovers yesterday at the Caltech Spring 2011 competition. They took home first place in all three main events (speed, one-handed, and blindfolded) and also had podium finishes for four of the five other events. Deven, a.k.a. The Sentry, finished the final round of the speed event with 12.23 average and the one-handed event with an average of 20.09 putting him in first place. Andrew, a.k.a. Iron Man, took first in blindfolded with a successful solve of 1:51.96. Steven, a.k.a. The Vision, ended the final round of 2x2x2 in first place with an average of 3.62.

Some honorable mentions and interesting facts: The Sentry lost out on first place in the 4x4x4 event by only 3 seconds. The 2x2x2 event ended with a podium consisting only of Avengers. Finally, Marco, a.k.a. Thor, had a sub-10 second speedsolve in the second round of 3x3x3. In short, there was tons of awesomeness on the part of the Avengers at yesterday’s competition! There is definitely more of this to come.